In his two finishes Tarimatec get the best results even when the ground is wet. Tarimatec has very low risk of slipping, then it is advisable to be placed in high traffic public areas.

In TARIMATEC composition, there is a part containing vegetable fibers, so give the flooring a natural look and you can see some slight variations in tone are normal. After several months of exposure to the elements, like wood, colors undergo a light rinse, giving more color uniformity and running and stable.

Tarimatec undergoes contraction and expansion during the day, caused by the temperature change. These movements are considered normal and are absorbed by the mounting clips that attach to our profiles batten structure

Tarimatec is 100% recyclable after their useful life can be used to manufacture new products. The remains of manufacture can be collected and make them reach Tarimatec for future reuse.

Besides being completely recyclable, contains no vegetable fiber Tarimatec from felling trees. Tarimatec used vegetable fiber from rice husk so its burning is avoided and the contribution of CO2 that suppose

Due to its specific formulation to withstand weathering, TARIMATEC is highly resistant to moisture (by its low water absorption 0.97%) is very impact resistant and resistant to termites and fungi. Tarimatec CE marked.

Although Tarimatec ® is maintenance, should be cleaned regularly to keep the plant looking good. Apply soap and water and a brush or use high-pressure cleaner, max. 80 bars, applied the jet width and run the water in the direction of the grooved flooring, avoid circular motions. If stains persist, see data sheet where the right products are specified for each spot.

maintain all seals clean dirt and leaves, keep the area below the installation clean and free of weeds, avoid water stagnation.

Tarimatec resists chlorine in pools.

To install Tarimatec browse our network of approved installers or distributors, respect the rules specified in the installation manual.