• Tarimatec® is not a structural product.
  • 48 hours before installation it is recommended to rest the platform on a flat, protected surface sunlight.
  • Install the platform parts being at a temperature between 10 and 40 º C.
  • Tarimatec be mounted on battens to allow good water drainage, ventilation and air circulation. Never mount the dais at a lower ground clearance of 30 mm.
  • Tarimatec ® installation must be performed on a flat, stable surface with a recommended slope of 1.5 cm per meter to facilitate water drainage.
  • Orienting the strips in the direction of maximum slope.
  • There may be slight variations in color and surface finish giving the platform a more natural finish.
  • After several months of exposure to the elements, the colors experience a light rinse, giving more color uniformity and running and stable.
  • Avoid mounting the dais in flood areas



Tarimatec ® mounting is done with the same tool that the wooden pallet. The wheelbase of the battens should not exceed 35 cm. Level the battens and fix them to the floor using expandable stainless steel screws. In case you can not screw, apply adhesive for outdoor type MS.


The platform may suffer contractions and dilations po so you need to leave expansion joints. In binding testa a gap of 5mm from the wall with> 20 mm. For stability is recommend fitting a lost ring.
Always place the profiles in the same direction making sure that the ends rest on battens and the clip is as close to the edge.


The spikes of Tarimatec ® to obtain a durable and aesthetic results. The edging profile falicita mounting skirts, nosings and escalores and can also be bent to save all kinds of angles.